Clean Pillowcase, Clean Skin

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Clean Pillowcase, Clean Skin

Clean Sheets, Clean Skin

We know you’ve been sitting around playing with Insta and SnapChat, completely distracted by the cleanliness of your bedding.  How often, you wonder.  How often do I need to change those pillowcases to keep my skin healthy?

The answer, according to our resident specialist, Tobi Kirsch, owner of Oh Sweet, is…(drumroll, please): THREE days!  Does that seem high-maintenance and even a little ridiculous?  Yes, yes it does.  But if you have acne, are prone to clogged pores, or even have sensitive skin, you might be wise to slip a new case on that pillow of yours every few days rather than deal with breakouts caused by your bedding.

Think about it. You spend at least 8 hours a night with your face smashed into your pillow.  some of us spend more than that.  (Ahem.) Your skin’s oils, dirt, bacteria, sweat and residue from make up and hair roducts are transferred onto the sheets.  The next night, all of that junk is pressed right back up against your lovely face.  Gross.  Then you wake up with pimples.  More gross

Don’t even get us started on people who don’t wash their face before they climb in bed!  Oh no. (You get to change your pillow case every night.)  Even worse is people who sleep with their four-legged friends.  One can only imagine the microscopic horror lingering on your sheets after Buddy rolls around outside in rabbit droppings and then scampers up into your lovely nocturnal sanctuary.

So, for best results with your night-time routine follow this simple plan: Wash your face every evening.  Use pillowcases made of natural fibers which breathe better and trap less oil.  Skip any sort of fabric softeners in the wash cycle which lingers on the fabric and is a known acne culprit.  Lastly, change your pillowcase often.  You heard us: three days, max.

And no complaining about the laundry, please.

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