Lashes that Last!

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setembro 26, 2017
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Lashes that Last!

You’ve just gotten your first full set of lash extensions.  Your eyes look freakin’ fantastic, and you’re wondering how long this luscious goodness will last.  The answer: usually two to three weeks.  That’s generally how long extensions will last as your natural lashes grow, fall out at the end of their growth cycle, and with it goes the extension.

You can go longer of course between salon visits.  We see people who haven’t gotten filled for five weeks!  But the reality is, it’s worse for you.  Not only do your lashes look patchy and bare, but it actually costs more in time and money in the long run.  Consider that a full set costs $200.  A basic fill is $65 and an extended fill (for those who haven’t come in for three weeks or more) is $90.  We’ve done the math and don’t want to bore you with it.  But trust us, it’s cheaper  to come in regularly.  In fact, we recommend your schedule your fill before you leave with your first full set.

(We have one client and friend who is so devoted to maintaining her lashes that she comes in for fills every seven days.  That’s right.  Weekly!  She’s on one end of the admittedly high maintenance lash spectrum but her eyes do look, as we said, freakin’ fantastic.)

Between fills, there are a few things you can do to keep your lashes long and lovely.

  • avoid steam and heat for the first 24 hours after a fill as it degrades the extension bonds.
  • don’t use any oil-based cleanser.  The oil loosens the bonds of the glue.
  • don’t use mascara on top of your extensions or curl them.
  • don’t use oily eye liners or shadows.
  • don’t pull on the extensions.
  • clean your lashes regularly with a gently cleanser.  You can make your own solution with baby shampoo well diluted with distilled water.  Gently wipe lashes with a microfiber tipped lip brush dipped in the baby shampoo solution.

A salon visit every few weeks will keep your lashes looking as lush as a Kardashian’s.  We think you’ll agree…it’s worth it.

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