Bump Up the Collagen!!

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outubro 10, 2017
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Bump Up the Collagen!!

Unless you’re 23, you might be mildly obsessed with collagen. What is it, why we lose it, and most importantly: how to get more of it.

Collagen is a protein that works as a magical connective substance (the glue, if you will), that anchors cells to one another. In the face, collagen is located in the outer layer of the skin keeping everything plump, full and youthful-looking. Without collagen, we get sagging and wrinkles. Big thumbs down on that. After age 35, collagen production starts to decline, and external factors such as the environment break down what we do have. Sun exposure, chemicals, smoking and pollution all contribute to free radicals, which damage our existing collagen and send us all running to the dermatologist for another vial of Juvederm.


But as it turns out, there are things we can simply eat which can plump up collagen and minimize the need for needles. And dietary collagen is much more beneficial than any topical creams or ointments. Here’s the big five collagen food boosters.


  1. Bone Broth

Turns out this uber-trendy Hollywood “food” is actually good for something! It’s the equivalent of drinking cooked collagen and can restore the protein in your face and throughout the body.


  1. Vegetables

Big surprise, right? Turns out dark, leafy greens are bully for your skin as well as everything else. They offer anti-oxidants which battle the evil free radicals. Red vegetables like beets boost collagen and protect against sun damage. Orange veggies are packed with Vitamin A which can help repair damaged collagen. All great stuff.


  1. Fish

It’s that Omega-3 thing again. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna protect the fatty membrane around skin cells keeping everything plump and full. It’s the one time we love plump.


  1. Berries

Here’s another reason to forage for blackberries every August.  They’re free radical killers. So are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Power up your breakfast with all four.


  1. Garlic

It’s a source of taurine, lipoic acid and sulfur (say what?) all of which help build collagen and repair damaged collagen.


After reading this nutritional run down, we plan to see all your beautiful faces at Whole Foods this time tomorrow. Eat up!

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