About us

We want to offer you an experience of transformation and evolution as a person, through the treatment of beauty and skin care.

Mission and vision

Our purpose as a company to is to create an inviting environment where we inspire every client with the knowledge to achieve beautiful skin by introducing uncomplicated, results-driven skincare routines that fit their lifestyle. Our vision is to cultivate a winning network of customers, suppliers and team members who are inspired to be the best they can be in every aspect of our business in order to attain quality, sustainable growth for years to come.


• Leadership: Embody excellence and provide knowledge to shape a better future • Collaborations: Capitalize on all partnerships • Education: Willingness to learn and teach • Integrity: Be true to yourself • Passion: Committed in heart and mind • Quality: We do what we do to the best of our ability .

Custom services

Natural cosmetics

We use natural products in all our services for your safety and wellness.

Reserved room

Privacy and custom service are our slogans for caring for you.


Boutique with Skin Care Products for You to Purchase.

At Oh Sweet, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

We make it our mission to listen to our client's skincare stories in order to help us provide the best possible service for each individual client.



We are more than 2 thousand clients satisfied and happy with our work and friendship.

years of experience

We are specialized professionals and trained to attend you with the maximum technique, care and attention.